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While print books have been losing their place in the market with the advent of e-books, they are still an ever-popular form of reading. Our top-quality layouts have been praised for their readability, creativity, and engaging designs. We design title pages, signing pages, author pages, or any other special features you see fit to have in your book.

Grim Reaper: End of Days
by Steve Alten (14MB)
Arctic Fire
by Paul Byers (2MB)
by Steven Savlie (5MB)
The City of Lost Secrets
by Katie McVay (.8MB)

The Mongol Objective
by David Sakmyster (.7MB)

by Jeremy Bishop (.3MB)

Never forget - as much as it is important that they can legibly read your book with our layout, get your book professionally edited for best results.

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**Payment for services is expected upfront and must clear before any service begins. Thank you for your cooperation.

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