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"When I need help publishing, whether it be e-book formatting, interior print design, contest help or anything else, there is only one man I turn to—Stan Tremblay. When he's working on a book, I know it will be done right, and as a result, sell many more copies. Stan's work literally pays for itself...and then some."
-- Jeremy Robinson, bestselling author of THRESHOLD and SECONDWORLD, aka Jeremy Bishop, #1 bestselling horror author of TORMENT and THE SENTINEL

"The guy at FindtheAxis just gets it. He understands the value of design and brand quality. The proof's in the pudding, they were behind the design of Silver and the redesign of my other ebooks to fit an identifiable brand. Silver hit #2 in the UK charts in no small part because of the work Stan did, and that spilled over into every other aspect of my online presence. We're talking about fifty thousand electronic sales over 2011 across the brand. That's a hell of a lot of recognition. That's what I mean about the proof being in the pudding. He does it, it works. As a writer looking to cement brand recognition in the current white noise of the publishing industry you can't ask for more."
-- Steven Savile, #1 International bestselling author of SILVER and PRIMEVAL: SHADOW OF THE JAGUAR

“I am in awe of Stan Tremblay’s abilities, and always tremendously pleased with the output. Creative, full of energy and always exceptional!”
-- David Sakmyster, author of THE PHAROS OBJECTIVE and SILVER AND GOLD

"With GHOSTS OF ARLINGTON being my first book, it was important that everything reflected my vision for it, especially the cover. Stan read my mind when he developed the cover for me. It turned out exactly as I had envisioned it.  I cannot sing the praises for this talented designer enough." 
-- D.G. Gass, author GHOSTS OF ARLINGTON

"Mr. Tremblay created a fantastic cover for my second thriller novel, kiDNApped, with quick turnaround time and excellent value! He has also done terrific web design work for my author website at I highly recommend him and Find the Axis."
-- Rick Chesler, author of kiDNApped and WIRED KINGDOM

"The moment I saw the book covers that Stan Tremblay created for my series line, I immediately contracted him to develop my website. And I was not disappointed. Staying in constant communication, Stan will work diligently to give you exactly what you want, and then some. When everyone else is claiming to give 110% when their competitors are giving 100%, Stan is easily giving 125%. If you want high quality in timely fashion, or someone who will design your cover or website to perfection, then I strongly recommend Stan Tremblay."
-- Rick Jones, author of VATICAN KNIGHTS and SHEPHERD ONE

"When I first decided to self-publish novels, I was inundated with opinions and advice about formatting, marketing, promotion, editing, you name it. But I knew one of the most crucial components of a good book is a quality cover. That’s where Stan came in. When I reached out to him he couldn’t have been more helpful. He took the time to educate me not just about book covers, but about the publishing industry in general. He cut through the BS, laid all my options out on the table, and answered all my questions with patience and professionalism. In the end, I got more than just an awesome book cover that gets lots of compliments—I gained a friend and someone in the industry I can trust."
-- Katie McVay, author of THE CITY OF LOST SECRETS

"Just look at my bookcovers for SISTERBABY'S MONKEY and SKULL COUNTY, USA. Masterpieces rendered after a few descriptive words from me. The guy is timely, diligent, uber-creative. Oh yeah, he is so smart he makes me wilt. I need smart, so do you.

"I am a techno-phobe of every sort. Stan held my hand, formatted my texts, answered my questions, pinned up my diapers, put me on the road to stardom. You need STAN THE MAN. (Get in line behind me!)

"Thank you, Stan."
-- Charles Colley, author of SISTERBABY'S MONKEY and SKULL COUNTY, USA

“Working with Stan Tremblay has been an absolute pleasure.  Not only is his work topnotch, he is professional, attentive to our needs, and easy to communicate and brainstorm with on any project, large or small.  He works diligently and efficiently to assure we get exactly what we need: the best finished product each and every time. 
I cannot recommend him highly enough.”
-- Greg F. Gifune, Senior Editor, Darkfuse Publications


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