In this day and age, a clean, sharp website should be a main priority if you wish to market your products. Whether you want to showcase your cover, provide an interior sample, or get your news out to the world, a well-designed website will entice new fans with proper Search Engine Optimization techniques, along with capture your audience to keep them there searching further and getting them to come back for more.

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Jeremy Robinson Online
Steven Savile
Steven Savile (with Flash - SILVER)
Rick Chesler (with Flash)
Rick Chesler
Charles Colley
Michael Mouyal
Variance Publishing
Variance Publishing (with Flash)


Initial page setup: $300
Includes:  Main Design/layout

Cost per page: $100
Extra charges may apply if a page is massive or features a lot of fancy features.

Cost for updates: $50/hr (minimum 1 hr)
Includes: Adding any content, including text, images, scripts or code of any kind.

Flash banner: $50/frame (see sites "with Flash" for banner ideas)

Accepted payment types include:
---------------Personal Check
---------------Money Order

**Payment for services is expected upfront and must clear before any service begins. If updates are being provided, updates will be completed, payment will be provided and updates will be sent/uploaded to your server. Thank you for your cooperation.

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