Interior Design

Here are a few interior samples for your viewing pleasure.

For further inquiries or to commission an interior, please contact us.

As stated before, while people judge a book by its cover, people also want to be visually inspired and entertained by an amazingly matched interior layout. I hope you enjoy and are inspired to do the same for your book as was done for the ones above.

Inspirations for interior layouts are typically a joint effort between designer and author, so we welcome input if you choose to provide some during the initial design phase. Also accepted, but not necessary from the author to complete the design would be the front cover (for title page design along with ideas for chapter headers to tie in cover with interior).

Please be prepared to send your file (in .doc form), a bio of yourself, along with a 300dpi photo of yourself, and any other pertinent info you deem necessary.


Rates for Interior Design and Layout:

Interior Design and Layout includes:
---------------Title Pages
---------------Copyright Page
---------------Main Body (including images)
---------------Bio and picts

---------------Flat Fee $200
---------------plus $1.50/page

Kindle Creation includes:
---------------Title Page (text only - no images)
---------------Copyright Page
---------------Table of Contents (chapter links)
---------------Main Body (text only - no images)


**Combo pricing available for paper and e-book creation

Accepted payment types include:
---------------Personal Check
---------------Money Order

**Payment for services is expected upfront and must clear before any service begins. Thank you for your cooperation.

By contracting work from Find the Axis, you accept our policies.


At this time, there we have no employed editors, be sure to get yourself a great editor for a complete package.

Do you have an editor you would like to share with us? Contact us and let us know! Help us help them and other writers.

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